Joakim Hertze


Despise tough odds, our family made it to Brač, Croatia, for a week-long stay just outside the small town of Supetar. Four hours prior to departure we realized out son’s passport had expired (he was very young when we all had them renewed, so his was only good for three years while they would last five years for the rest of us). My son and I had to stay behind until the next day, get a temporary passport for him, get two new flight tickets to Split, Croatia, get ourselves from the airport to Split harbor and take the ferry over to the iland of Brač. We arrived twelve hours after the rest of our family.

We had a fantastic week, with excellent food, perfect weather and nice swims in the ocean and the pool. The light in Croatia was stunning as well, especially the hour or so after sunset. That glowing sky light is unlike anything we have here in Sweden.

Here’s a batch of vacation pics, in no particular order. All are from the Fujifilm X-T2 with the Voigtländer 23mm/1.2 lens.