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  1. Sara Vainio

    2023-09-06 13:33:20 UTC

    Sara is an up-and-coming actress from Malmö, who we first met and photographed in our studio back in January 2023. Studio images are always fun, but I remember hoping we’d get a chance to work with her in natural light as well. I was so happy when we settled on…

  2. Emily

    2023-09-03 13:14:00 UTC

    Anna and I met up with Emily B (Nordic Model Agency) on the beach in Bjärred in July 2022, for a quick portfolio session in the warm evening light. Despite her young age she was a true professional and we banged out three different looks in 45 minutes. I’ve frankly…

  3. Selma

    2023-07-12 08:45:00 UTC

    At the beginning of May, Anna and I met up with Selma (and her granddad) to do a small photoshoot in Söderto, a small community in Skåne where a farmer in the 1930s built himself a fortress to protect him from a Russian invasion. May was cold this year and…