Recent work


Photos from a weekend in Skummeslövstrand, at the beginning of the February school break. Most of these were shot the day after a storm called Otto pushed a lot of water into the Laholm bay.

Winter wonderland

We don’t get that many snow days in southern Sweden, so when the ground is white and glistening you have to make the most of it. We took a short family excursion to Veberöd, where I carried our 50 kilo dog over a fence to ler her run free over the frozen meadows as the sun was setting.

Serene at Katrinetorp

A bunch of frames from a quick shoot on a Friday evening after work, with the lovely Serene, at Katrinetorp and the Millennium Forrest in Malmö.

A weekend in Höör

Anna and I spent a weekend in Höör, visiting the spa in Åkersberga, having a nice dinner and walking around with our cameras.

People spotting

Hanging around Lomma, eating ice cream and soaking up the last of summer.